Key to the Fortress

Kluc od pevnosti, organized by the centre since 1995, is a big competition for the youth between 15 and 19 years old who come from the whole of Slovakia. Each group exists of two girls and two boys and one adult. It takes places on a Friday and Saturday in June at the castle from Stara Lubovna. Every year there are some new disciplines. There is for example the living carpet, building of a mini-castle puzzle or the water game, walking on stilts and archery. In another discipline one person of the group is lifted to the tower of the castle where he has to solve a riddle or the team has to climb on a rope-ladder and ring the bell upstairs. The teams sleep in a tent-camp and in the evening the youth can rest around the campfire and sing or enjoy a music performance. The winning team receives a challenge-cup in the form of a key and wins a stay for three days in a summerhouse in Pieniny, a national park in the north of Stara Lubovna. The second and the third team gets various sport articles.

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