Lubovna Crafts Fair

Once in a year, in the last weekend of September, Stara Lubovna becomes a celebrating town full of burciak, markets and cultural performances. The Jarmok opens the evening before with an activity, organized by the Centrum of Leisure Time activities: Strasidla (Apparition). The legend tells about the ruler Gasparek who destroyed Stara Lubovna with fire and who lent poor people money but asked a big interest for this service. When Kasparek died, he left a list with the names from people who still owed him money and haunted them. Children, youth and adults come to the centre, disguised with masks and costumes and with a doll that represents the body of Gasparek. In the presence of all the inhabitants from Stara Lubovna, the body is set in fire. After this ceremony, the youth and children from the different clubs from the CVC, show various dances. From Friday till Sunday, Jarmok continues with all kind of activities. There are several performances from folk groups, competitions (for example the beer competition), tombola, performances from country group and local rock groups. There is a fair and on the streets are stands and stalls where you can buy everything, from sweets to clothes, from flowers to pillows and so on. Close to the square and the stage are the stands with food (langose, trdelnik, sausages, halusky,...) and drinks (burciak).

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