Summer activities

 Tabory (camps)
For all interested children and youth who want to enjoy their free time in the summer holidays. It is mostly for children till 15 years old and the older youth organizes activities on their own. There are two kinds of camps: the day camp and the summer camp. The day camps are organized during two or three weeks. The children come in the morning to the centre and go home in the evening. The summer camp lasts ten days and is in the region from Cerveny Klastor.

 International exchange
The international exchange can be in accordance with the Youth in Action program or with the cross border cooperation between Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

 International family rafting-trip
Especially for all the parents, children and youth organizes the centre the best activity from the year: the International family rafting-trip. 150 till 200 people from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia make a rafting-trip on the river Poprad from Stara Lubovna till Nowy Sacz. There are four stages on the river. During the day, the participants are on the water and in the evening are intercultural programmes, singing, dancing and a baptism for the new people who are welcomed in the "Club of the waterrats".

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