Organisation: Centre for Leisure Time Activities - Stara Lubovna
Address: Farbiarska 35
Postal code: 064 01
Town: Stara Lubovna
Country: Slovakia
E-mail: cvc@slnet.sk
Phone: +421 52 43 215 04,mobil: 00421905217463
+421 52 43 215 04
Director: PhDr. Marta Hanečáková

Established 1968 as organization for free time activities for children and youth
on the local level since 1992 we start to make international activities
in cooperation with Poland Republic, Ukraina, United Kingdom,

Activities: Centre of leisure time activities is a governmental institution. We work with children and youth in age between 6 - 26 years. Our work is oriented at areas of culture, sport, environment, crafts, social science and tourism by making activities for
Youth, children and their parents. Our activities are organized through clubs, interest groups, informal groups´ meetings, bigger social activities as for example "Santa Claus Day", "Parents and Children" and more... . Altogether there are 35 clubs and interest groups. In average we provide 100 different meetings including competitions on various themes per one year. Activities from area of culture and sport are the most popular activities. We also co-operate with NGO´s in our region to be able to prepare variety of interest activities for children and youth: international exchanges, building our sport grounds, helping talented young people with presenting their work at public. We are also preparing activities for Roma minority and for children with social problems.
We also organize training courses for youth leaders (especially for youth organization) and leaders for work with children and youth (governmental organization). This activities we organize on the local and international level.
We are connected to the international organisation 4H.
We are sending an host organization. Ussually we host 3 wolunteers per year.

Community: Stara Lubovna is a district town of the North of Slovakia. It is a small town with a rich history. Stara Lubovna is more than 700 years old and has more than 16 000 inhabitants. The town is located 15 km far from borders with Poland, that is why we have many things in common - for example: history and many customs. Part of our region is National Park called PIENAP, one of the most beautiful parks in Slovakia. This region is also famous for its clean air and nature. Main source of income is from tourism. The town is also known for its historical castle. Many young people are daily traveling to schools or going weekly to universities in other cities: Kosice, Presov... . The area is mostly mountainous so there are many possibilities to do mountain biking, tourism, hiking and many more. We have a large community of Roma people and other minority for example Polish, Rusines, German. We have abow 12% unemployment, which concerns mostly young people aged 18 - 25. People in this region mostly live in family houses only some people in Stara Lubovna and Podolinec in the flats.

Organised project: 2015/2016

Our organisation organised international exchanges with this countries: Poland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Gran Canaria - Spain, Malta, Czech, Ukraina, Portugal

Cooperation: We have good cooperation wit Youth Centrum in Krakow - Poland
OHP Nowy Sacz - Poland,
Youth Centrum - PADIUN Uzhorod Ukraina
VIA e.v Luneburg - Germany
Alfa Albona  - Croatia
Pro Atlantico - Portugal

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