Daria Skorokhod - Ukraine

My Volunteering
Okay, what I want to say for the Beginning? Maybe, not at all, just what my volunteering Completely Changed my life. If i will tell, that before volunteering i was completely another person, it will be the truth. Of course, in some things i continue to be the same, like my individuality, my voice, my behavior. But a lot of things can change when you start independent and adult life. And i suppose that you will ask, what exactly? Soo, let´s start this interesting topic) The most important that my perception and vision of myself changed on 360 degrees. Here I discovered that I can be a good housewife. And believe me, for the person who occasionally vacuumed at home at the request of their parents, this is Veryy Big Step! But oh well, this is not the most interesting part. The most interesting is in what condition i was, when i got here. I was in totally mess. My psychological and mental state left much to be desired. Because i didn´t understand nothing. What i want to do in my life and what will be with my life? I didn´t know the answer That´s why i decided to go on volunteering. And indeed, for the entire period of stay here, i realized of Who I am and What I am! I find it hard to believe it myself, but it´s true. That´s why i want to say BIG THANKS to everybody and everything what helped me in this not easy, full of adventure and awareness way. Specially my friend Nazar with whom we went through a lot of things, and he become my real friend and support. And of course THANKS TO CVC, wich gave me a lot of posibilities. It was Really Incredible Experience, which learned me How to Live) That´s why, if you will think go or not go on volunteering, ask yourself just one question.
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