Antonia Ceballos Cuadrado - Espaňa

My name is Antonia, I'm 25 years old and I come from the south of Spain. I was born in Córdoba, but half of my heart is from Sevilla (where I've studied journalism and I have most of my friends).
At the beginning of the EVS, everybody ask us (me and the other three volunteers) why we choose Slovakia. In my case, it was not a previous decision. I knew that I want to be a volunteer in a EVS project and I preferred the east of Europe (now I realise that this is the centre of Europe, but for a girl from the south this used to be the far east). At University I worked in a research group about Russia and the ex-soviets countries, so I wanted to live in one of these countries. Slovakia, why not?
I was living in Italy when I applied for this project. It was a strong experience and I couldn't imagine that after that I will have lived in Slovakia. Now, I'm in love with this little big country.
The first thing I was surprised it was how warm are people here. South people, we believe that we are the only people in the world and that north people is so close. But, at least in Stará L'ubovña is not like that. From the beginning we were a part of the team. Staff in CVC treats us like part of them and they help us in everything. People in Stará L'ubovña are so friendly and it's too easy to make friends.
The most difficult thing is the language. But step by step we started to be able to communicate and this is marvellous. I have to say that even if it's quite difficult language, it's quite interesting too. I really love languages and I'm so happy of "speaking" Slovak. Even so, I have to study a little more if I want to learn the cases.
With my mates, the relationship is marvellous too. From the beginning we become a little family. Having a good relationship with your mates when you are so far is quite important. Now, we are close friends and we help each other a lot.
In CVC, I teach Spanish and we collaborate in the activities of the centre. You will not be boring, this is for sure.
The possibility of knowing a country like Slovakia is marvellous. People (at least in Spain) don't know almost anything about this country and usually they think I'm in Slovenia, but Slovakia is full of magical places. It's a kind of beautiful paradise that you can't lose. The views from the top of the mountains are absolutely amazing. And almost everywhere you can find I magical castle, like here, in Stará L'ubovña. So, don't think any more and come to discover it.

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