Ulrik Povlsen

My name is Ulrik, and I am a Danish volunteer living in Stará ľubovňa.
Last year I finished high school in Denmark, but as many others I didn't felt like going to university. At the same time I wanted to do something else then just finding a normal job in Denmark. I found EVS as a great chance to both getting working experience and seeing a new country, meeting a new culture and learning a new language.
And really, I got everything I expected and more.
In the start I was really feeling like I had moved 5000 km away from home. I could not understand one single word in the Slovak vocabulary.
I was amazed by the fact that even in a small city like Stará ľubovňa, around 16.000 inhabitants, a lot of people are living in these blocks of flats. Quite logical when you think about the impact of communism, but something that hadn't hit my mind one single moment.
This was just on of many things that where culture chocks for me, and I had to get used to.
But of cause as time went by everything turned into being normal. All the things I in the start saw as strange, or made me shake my head in disbelieve.
These things are now normal to me. They have become my everyday and I think I have learned to embrace the new things.
So I can't say that I regret going to Stará ľubovňa one single moment. I really enjoy my time and never before in my life I am experiencing so many new things. Never before I'm meeting so many new people. And to this point there is not a bad word to be said about the Slovak people when it comes to hospitality and kindness.
I really thank myself for taking the chance and doing EVS. Going to a country, which is unknown to many people. Meeting a new culture, language and food.
If you as a future volunteer are reading this I hope you will enjoy just as much as me.

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