Antonio Durán - Espaňa

My name is Antonio Durán and im 25 years old. When i arrived here i was so so tired after a really long journey from the south of Spain but i couldnt close my eyes during all the trip by train due to the really nice nature and views from the train till the place that has been my "home" during this year. Stará L'ubovna is a really nice town for many reasons. Its situated in the most wonderful part of Slovakia, between Tatry Mountains and Slovak Paradise. I had the chance to travel to a lot of cities in SK and i have discovered the real small but big country that Slovakia is. All the people are friendly here, offer you their help and show you their country as truly is. For be honest, i didnt know so much about SK before come here, but now im so glad of my choice. Now i know a bit better this part of Europe, totally unknown for me, these people, culture, mind and way of life. Not only for this country, also for the organization. The people at work is friendly and there are so many projects and activities to do. Only with the activities of the CVC you will move a lot and you will do many different activities that maybe you havent the chance to do in other situation. You can join to many different project or develop your own one. The Center will support you as much as they can. I was teaching spanish as a main activity and i have to say that it was a bit difficult at the begining because i didnt speak so well english and slovak is a really hard language for somebody like me but is great how you improve your languages skill and finally you get to speak slovak. Also was a new experience for me to work with children. To work with children always is grateful and in CVC they work for children. Also there are so many youngs involved in the life of the CVC like in the Youth Parlament, Babylon project and eventuals volunteers who support the activities when the Center ask them. Also there are many possibilities to meet people really interested in work, create, improve, play, discover, travel, make fun, grow up, learn, teach, help, support, develop and others many positives adjectives connected with make the life and people better. To do EVS is a really great opportunity for your life for learn, even more if you choose Stará L'ubovna and Centrum Volneho Casu.

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