Masha Geidel - Germany

My name is Masha Geidel and I am a volunteer in Stara Lubovna. With these words i would like to give you a short overview about my evs-year. Already at the age of 10 i planned to go to Slovakia, so i am not the typical example for an evs-volunteer. I knew Slovakia already before very good...better than my home country ,,germany,,. So i searched a possibility to come to Slovakia and found the EV-service. During the year i completely created a new life and prepare everything for staying here, cause that was always my big dream. WHY? Exactly that you have to discover! I am 20 years old and like to meet people, make music and to climb. I love nature, the tatras and food. During EVS i worked as a german-teacher and helped in the cvc in a lot of actions. I definetly enjoyed the year till the end. I have a lot of friends now, even a boyfriend and i am going to study in Presov, so for sure....YOU WILL MEET ME! Look forward to a great year! I will further live in Stara Lubovna and help you in the beginning with everything.
Majte sa!

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