Pinar Űnal - Turkey

Hi. My name is Pınar Ünal.I am 25 years old. I come from İzmir, Turkey. İzmir is on the west side of the Turkey. I studied Economy at university. After I finished university , I decided to make EVS because I really wanted to meet new countries and new cultures. And why Slovakia? :) I didn't choose the country. I chose the project. I wanted to work with children and youth. And the project's concept of CVC is exactly offered that I wanted to do. So I am here :) Before I came to Slovakia, I didn't have lots of knowledges about the country, about the people. But just after I came here, I realised that I made exactly the right decision to come to Stara Lubovna.
People are wonderful here. And the nature is so beutiful.. I love Stara Lubovna. And I'm really happy that I'm here :) I am working as an English teacher voluntarily in CVC and I'm helping them for the activities that they prepare. And I really enjoy my time here. Now, I have lots of friends here. And I'll really miss them when I turn back to home. If you want to meet wonderful people in a really nice, small country, to learn quite hard but nice language, to live in a beutiful nature and if you like to do lots of activities and sports, don't think a lot, just come !! :)

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