Clemens Herzig - Germany


I am Clemens Herzig and I really do not know what to write because there is so much so say.
I finished school and I didn't wanted to start studying because I thought that 13 years of school should be enough for the moment and that I wanted to discover the world. Later there would be more time for the „serious part of life". So I decided to go abroad and the EVS was a good possibilitiy. I didn't know where to go so applied for a lot of different projects in serveral countries. Finally I got the first answer from this project in Stara Lubovna and came here.
I do not regret one minute of all the time I spent here. At first I was a little scared as you are usually when you go somewhere to foreign places. But soon I met an uncountable amount of nice, interesting people which I call friends now. They helped me so learn slovak, they showed me around, they were there when I wanted company. We did lots of funny, attractive and sometimes also stupid activities together. There is an amazing nature around Stara Lubovna - the steep walls and summits of High Tatra Mountains, the soft barrows of Levoca Hills, the wonderfull forests in Pienap Nationalpark and the waterfalls and canyons of Slovak Paradise. Every hour I spent there alone or with my friends belong to the best ones in my life.
Also I lived with two marvelous humans, Rasa from Latvia and Antonio from Spain. After this year together we are close friends and like a small family.
In end I have to say that to come here was one of the best decisions in all my life. To learn a new language in a different country with own, different habbits and customes, to meet all these fantastic, warm people increased my self-awareness and taught me more about respect, tolerance and life than you can learn in all schools.
Soon I have to leave this wonderfull, small country and I am really sad about this. But for sure I will come back to see all my friends and you as a new volunteer.

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