Daniel Fernández Riego- Espaňa

My name is Daniel, i´m from Spain and i have 25 years old. Here i will tell you my feelings and conclusions about one year like volunteer (EVS) in Stara Lubovna . I hope that it will be useful for the future volunteers! After one trip really tired from the south of spain, i arrived on 17th september in this town in the north of Slovakia. In this moment i didn´t know how important it will be meaning for me the name of Stara Lubovna. The first impressions were very good in general, at home, at work..except because of the weather alreday cold in september. In the end of septmber we had the first contact with the others volunteers in Slovakia in Terchova for "on-arrival trainning" There we met persons from differents nationalities and with anothers projects in Slovakia. This volunteers now, i can call them friends. After this trainning we really started the work in CVC. Me i had my first meeting with my students for decided how we can have the lessons, when..I organized one workshop of spansish language and culture. In total i had 24 students divided in 3 groups and two times a week. In this activity i spent the mostly time at work, but also we worked in differnts actions, like Jarmok, Mikulas Day, Carnaval, sport competitions.During the week i partiped with Masha in one of the a lot of workshops in CVC. We decided to work with the roma children during all the year. In this time we help to organize games, dances and several activities. In general i can say that i´m really satisfaits about the work and CVC satistaced all my expectations before to arrive. In my personal life, i met a lot of a interesting new people, and i can say that in Stara Lubovna i will leave really somes friends. In this little town there are not a lot moments for to be boring, always you can take one beer in Bururu with the best people, going by bike around the nature in summer, or in winter try to do ski or something like this.During all the year i had the posibility to travel around this wonderful country and to vising anothers volunteers. Finally is like a big EVS family in wich one you have always something in common, you share really ways to see the life, yourself, the world..Also i traveled in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraina. And now, when i have just one more month here..and i´m thinking in all of this expierences..i´m feel so happy to have been chose this organization and this country..but also sad because i have to go and say good bye..but i know that i will bring always this year to my mind and of course to my heart, and the people who i met also they will have something of me for always.

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