Rasa Zarina - Latvia

Ahoj, my name is Rasa Zarina . I´m 20 years old. I come from Latvia. After I graduated High School .I cose to EVS because i don´t know what i want do after school . And i hoped after this year i understand what i want do. But i still don´t know :)
Why i chose Slovakia ? I send 5 letters different country and projects. Slovakia was 1. wich accept me ( exactly my birth day).Stara Lubovna for me are big town because my home town are 5000 people , but Stara Lubovna are 16 000. People here are very friendly, you can found new friends so fast and they know english . Nature here are beautiful .My job cvc was teach swim children, go to herna , help Cvc aktivities, make photos and other works . I'm really happy that I'm here not other country. After project i will go home , but maybe future i will come back in Slovakia to live here . Because after this year i love SLOVAKIA ,slovak peoples, music, nature, mountains, hills..... :)

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