Paula Linke - Germany

Hi, I am Paula from Leipzig, Germany. Since September 2008 I'm working as a volunteer in CVC, living in Stara Lubovna, Za Vodou together with Masha from Berlin and Daniel from Sevilla.
I am 19 years old. I love to dance, to sing, to walk, to play theatre, parties, cooking evenings, to ride the bike, skiing, to play the guitar, to travel, to read, to write, to go to the cinema, to the theatre, to the opera, to the ballet, to be with my family, with my friends and so much more. Now my volunteer service is soon over and I'm able to look back on a very exciting year full of new experiences: My work in CVC as a teacher of German and Dance and teacher assistant for English and German in several schools, which helped me to find out, what I want to become. Working together with so many different people, in fact, working for the fist time, as I finished Grammar school last summer. Living in such a wonderful surrounding with the castle, the forest, the hills, whole Slovakia. Meeting people from all over Europe and making friends in so many different countries made me recognize how large Europe really is and how much I still want to see. Still, because Stara Lubovna is nearly in the middle of all, so a great start to travel, what I did. But I hardly saw everything. So I will go on. This year also made me more sensitive about history, geography and ethnology. I learned so much and I'm happy to be part of the "Youth in Action" program, and the Centrum Volneho Casu in Stara Lubovna. I will miss it. It was fun.

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